Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am so tired. I dont even know why I am doing this or for what cause either. I am hear to speak let my voice be heard... yet i dont want to. I have a chance to do what i can, be what i can, feel the emotions that i can feel but nothing seems right. I was going to talk about... more like exhale all my issues with my dear friend but NO, nothing seems right. I feeel as though it wont work for these blogging ideals. HA! i use soo many big words when im only a fool in a nerd fest.
SOOO now i ill officially start....

Why am i blogging? Huh?! Why am i here in fact writing words that dont even make sense... I am bored... I am! Ha this is no fun.... wut do people even do on in blogging? Well.. i guess they wood talk about the random or issues or anything......

Hmmm I always wondered why is the color orange, orange?? And the orange itself as in the fruit is orange and is an orange. America just amazes me in how they like to stretch the minds of people and use their language HA... CANT WE BE STRAIGHT FORWARD.... Moverange.... that could be the color of the orange instead of orange WHY confuse your dear children into thinking that orange is not an orange but it is orange....

Well, Owl City... i wuz thinking about it just now, its a 1 person band but the name sounds like a whole enchilada of people and I Love the song fireflies but this one song give me headaches... like Vanilla Twilight for example, I love the beginning when it is alll mellow then BAM!! a mess of notes follow CMON... my head hurts every time that song is played but i luv it anyway except the BAM!! part.... yea I feel like i just trashed the band I mean person... yea ummmm But i do love love Rainbow Veins & Hot Air Balloon & Fireflies ^^... maybe this music wasnt meant for me... I luv his lyrics but the music... the music of it just isnt good for me... or its just Vanilla Twilight i have an issue with.... yea letz go with that

Now JT this part is for you... You realize that this was a BIG mistake... I didnt get anything of it or out of it... hmmm do you not understand my mind was not made for this ... no I mean I was not made for this.... hmmm but i could talk if someone gives me a topic I cant just ramble on and on about the Random. THough it is my love I cannot. Give me a topic and i will talk...

You know what i hate.... I seriously hate girls who think they are so special that they can walk up to your man, do a little dance, and think he will follow you. ANd i hate the boy who thinks that " Oh she is shaking her goods for me so i will just Let go of my girl's hand and grab her--" Yea it pisses me off. I just hate how a relationship can end when a slutty girl jiggles and she gets the man. Even worse how its a skinny toothpick with NOTHING... on them veins (no bones she even skinnier then that) walks around with a cleave to her jeans and skirt or dress so short it might as well be a wash rag. Its pathetic then when He just looks and changes his mind about you because of that skinny bimbo...! Wow i am tearing up. *tear* Because of... It gets me mad how things like that can happen it is pathetic in sooo many ways.

But then there are men who save those drooling pigs from utter shame. Men who stand up for there girl. A guy Who looks straight at the heart and none of the 'candy' a girl can have. Not down, nor right, left, behind, backwards forwards... Just at your eyes Can you imagine HA that is nice.... Very Nice. Sweet enjoyably Nice. Its like when a guy calls you beautiful instead of Sexy or Hotte But No he used Beautiful. A word that rolls of the tongue. Nice indeed.

Well I am done happy now JT... this is crap! (O.o)


  1. Nubbz, a blog is not to solve all you're problems or to vent. It's to tell people what you have to say or to write when you're bored and have people see what you write (unless you wany people to see your problems). If you wanna vent, then get a diary or a journal (though a blg IS an ONLINE journal, but hey if you can't learn to use it it's your problem, not mine). And a blog is helpful!
    Oh, and nice title/URL.
    But anyway, I'm gonna go chill with Elvis (my guitar). Later. Peace for now.

  2. lol thx i guess, I might put up a poem stroy I am trying but it isn't working as how i planned

  3. it will, think don't think, just BLOG....(BLLLOOOGGGG it's a funny word haha)