Friday, April 9, 2010

Yo wuzzup peoples... Im here again :D

Yea i know you're surprised cuz welll I'm surprised myself. Its been years since I've been on this blogging thing... I havent been doing anything but reading, eating, and breathing. Oh, and sleeping. Yeah I was recently reading a Sarah Dessen book and DAng She knows how to write a story. Just Listen was the title go and read it. Yea its good for your soul.

Ohhh, I just remebered something. I have to tell you why I put the title for my last post. Well its self-explanatory but has a deep meaning to it. And here it is: I was to be saved by a slide but i wasn't... sad but true. Yes yes

You know what really sucks. Not being able to walk. I've seen so many people in wheelchairs and my heart just breaks for them. They can't go around by themselves or even to the bathroom. It sucks and yeah I feel for them. Sometimes I feel i can't 'walk' like one day I tripped up the stairs. I know you would be thinking: How is that even possible. Yeah well it seems I have done the impossible but the even suckier part of it is that this girl ("Gness Jillicc")- who I dislike- does the same thing right in front of me. Oh it does not stop from there. She then looks at me straight in the eye and says "hahahaha you are just like me" Dude!!! I am NOTHING like you. Thank God i am trying to be good (im having my own rehab) because I would have ripped that peach fuzz off her lip. I do believe it takes some serious devoted professionals to DARE make their feet rise from the ground and make it to their destination. Yes it is a gift indeed ANYWAY...

HAve fun with your life and dont spaz out on some lady you want to hurt. No matter who they are you just have to stay true to you. But if you are the people who like to beat on people go get a new hobby... because I dont think you want to be beat on like you do to them.

Yea Bye LOve


PS: luvz u JOP!!

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