Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Curvy Slide Should Have Saved Her Life

I'm backk! Welll i have a question for you young sir/mistress.

Am i the only person in this world who believes butterflies should be captured, trialed, and be annihilated from this Earth?

They are such cruel vermin that deserving to live is a burden to others. Oh, but you-- the idiot who is reading my crap-- actually believes that these delicate creatures should be let alone. WHAT HAS YOUR MOTHER BEEN FEEDING ALL YOUR LIFE?? She gave you good food, you say. DID SHE DROP YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR UGLINESS AND FUTURE STUPIDITY??? No i am beautiful/handsome and went to Harvard, you say.

Ha!! I scoff at you!!!!(lol scoff) I feel bad for your Mother and Father who know you are crazy and going to be thrown into the crazies institution. I will pray for you.... no actually i wont. Why? Simple.


Well back to the butterflies... You are probably wondering why I hate them right??? Well i guess i should tell you.... STORYTIME!!!

Once a upon a time in a school in the ghetto of Lae Woo, where an obvious nationality runs amuck, a dainty black girl who loved everything and felt as though nothing could possibly go wrong, went outside for RECESS. Oh, how she loved to run, skip, and dance across the nappy weeds that were said to be grass. She just felt as thought today would just be good. So very good.

Of course the world does not work that way. It has to balance itself out with pain, corruption, and other things our Earth can go without. That God did not ordain us to have... so sad it is.

Anyway, as she was getting ready to run over to where the others girls were jumping rope, she heard a noise. She stopped for she felt this was a disturbance in a good day. She strained herself to hear the bother that was causing annoyance. She saw nothing but she heard the sound of discord better. A buzz it seemed to be.

"A bee, Oh my dear me." she murmmered to herself. She moved farther away from the trees. She couldn't jump rope now because it was near where the sound came from. Plus bees' homes have to be in or on a tree, she thought. When she was at a comfortable distance away from the noise and away from the trees, she ran toward the jungle gym.

She climbed the short ladder that lead up to the bars that were to be monkeyed with. When she was about to touch the first bar, she heard the buzz again."No" she screamed. "Leave me alone." A boy from her class looked at her as though she was an actual crazed monkey. (Pity for that boy I bring.) She skipped the first bar and grabbed the second. She swwwwwuuuuuunnnnnggg herself across knowing she had to make it. As her foot barely touched the other side, the hope for humanity, she stretched for the next bar. Please let me make it, I must. She reached for the bar and-- She fell...........................................................

But since she is the apple of HIS eye nothing was broken. She picked herself up and brushed the dirt off her knees, uniform, arms, and face. Phewww!!! That was close. Pause.

I have to pause the story for this little little thing. She thinks she is soo smart and wise that she escaped sure death. Yeah right!! This World Is to corrupted to let the good be left alone. The bad/evil must always have their small truimphs so the good's GREAT victories are small in number and seem so trivial. Why else is it so easy to just jump into foolishness... it is waaaaay to easy. But when you want to be Good it like all Hell breaks loose because they want your soul. It is amazing how I am alive today. Ok... done... Unpause.

........ Phewww!!! That was close. She then suddenly felt the urge to skip and sing a lil' song: Skip, skip, skipp Tooddleedoo (or whatevr it was). Skip, skip, skipp Tooddleedoo. Skip, skip, skipp, Toodledoo. Skip Tooddleedoo my darling. BUT "BUZZZZZZZZZZZ" came along. She ran toward the slide. She climbed with all the power she had. She was soo glad she chose the curvy one it was easier to climb. Once at the top, she panted for it was hard to run away from a bee every few seconds but BUZZZ BUZZZZ BUZZZZZ was after her....

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! She screamed as she sped over to the "fire pole" and slid down for her life. Her hands burned but she did not care, NO!!!!!, actually she REFUSED TO CARE. Run I must and Run I shall. She raced toward the helper (Mrs. Milla) of the day so she could be let inside, instead of being in the madness of the OUTSIDE WORLD. Yet, as this has been said before, Good cannot prosper long, sadly. She tripped over the unkempt grasslands of the school.

A fail it must have been, to see a girl just stumble (again) over grass. She must have fallen in slo-mo to add to the shame. Sad i must say. When she tried to stand from her fall, she heard the beees final battle cry. An intently determined BBBBBUUUUUUUZZZZ was brought forth and a bite was the attack it gave. Like a vampire it bit and bit. Not on her neck, such an uncivilized thing it was, so it nibbled at her ear. The agony she felt, the pure agony. Defeated, she hung her head and a tear broke out as a sign of surrender. As she did, the destestable pest finished its abominable task and crawled up her ear to the very top and flew straight across her face so she could see the one who had vanquished her.

She saw a blue butterfly float away into the unknown.

Now do you understand why they are soooo evil??? So Evil they are, no matter how beautiful. You cannot judge a book by its cover so why not the same to some butterfly. If you do, well FOOL, you are.

Well done.... Thanks for reading my crap (O.o)

Lovez, Nubii


Oh you are wondering for the title, right... I will tell you later I am soo tired right now I am so surprised I haven't been knocked out since. Well...

Bye again...


  1. you are so strange and if you call you're readers idiots and insult their mothers, no one is gonna read you're blog, smartie

  2. thx so much for the compliment I KNOW YOU LOVED IT... yeah well that is true... ok i will try not to insult nobody plus I did not insult the mothers.... i imsulted the children, I will try I willl

  3. haha! lae wood & mrs. milla! o tht just made my day & guess who this is???!!!???

  4. ummm ashley its say ash... lol ha